Welcome to Bute Baptist Church

Welcome to Bute Baptist Church.

We believe God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, is calling Bute Baptist Church to be a people:

  • of the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • through the whole congregation
  • for the whole island

We are now able to meet together in Church. Sunday services are being held at 11am and at 5:30pm. Click the button below to see our weekly schedule.

We are still live streaming our services for the time being so you may join us from the comfort of your own home using Zoom. Click here to join us with passcode ‘sunday’.

Our pastor is Rev. Peter Atkins.

Rev Peter Atkins

Rev. Peter Atkins

25th March 2017
Ordination and induction of Peter Atkins as pastor of Bute Baptist Church

Rev Peter Atkins

All are welcome.  No requirement.  No obligation.  Why not join us?