Our Church

The Congregation

The congregation as a whole are at the top of this list, because we believe they are the most vital part of any Church. The members as a body discern the mind and will of Christ in our context, make prayerful decisions on which leaders to call into their midst, and enact the purposes of God, in the Power of the Spirit, throughout their whole community. We are all believers, disciples, priests and children of the Father.

The Deacons

The deacons and pastor make up the leadership team of the church.  The deacons are  members prayerfully selected by the whole membership to enable the successful running of the congregation as an entity. Since Baptist churches believe in the autonomy of the local congregation and the priesthood of all believers, deacons should be seen  more as servants of the church than as authority figures.

The current deacons are:  Jean McArthur, Nicola Sutherland, Joanne Cowie and Elizabeth Santoz.

Our Church Secretary is Jean McArthur

Other Roles in the Church

Children’s Ministry: Shirley McArthur and Natalie Atkins

Ladies of Contact: Jean McArthur

Music for Worship: Chris Peveril, Jean McArthur

Website Administration: Nicola Sutherland

Women’s Fellowship: Cath Chisholm, Jean Muir, Joan Allen

Finance Team: Nikki Sutherland, Cath Chisholm, Shirley McArthur

 Members and Adherents

As in many other churches, a distinction is made in Baptist Churches between members and adherents.  Members are those who have accepted adult baptism by immersion, and have made a public declaration of their beliefs and of their commitment to Ardbeg Baptist Church.  In making this commitment, they accept the responsibility of sustaining the church and participating in its decision-making.  Part of that responsibility is to prayerfully discern the will of God for their church.  Thus, only members may be called as deacons or elders.  Adherents are regular attenders of the church who have not made the declaration of beliefs and commitment, but who take part in all the church’s activities apart from decision-making and leadership.  Adherents are encouraged to progress towards membership of the church.

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