The Ardbeg Record

The Ardbeg Record is a quarterly magazine published to contribute to the life of our church.  It was launched in April 2014.  Issues can be downloaded below.

[media-downloader media_id=”2315″ texts=”No. 1.  April 2014″]


[media-downloader media_id=”2342″ texts=”No. 2.  June 2014″]


[media-downloader media_id=”2488″ texts=”No. 3.  September 2014″]


[media-downloader media_id=”2696″ texts=”No. 4.  April 2015″]


[media-downloader media_id=”2781″ texts=”No. 5.  August 2015″]


[media-downloader media_id=”3174″ texts=”No. 6.  November 2015″]


[media-downloader media_id=”2909″ texts=”No. 7.  April 2016″]


[media-downloader media_id=”3027″ texts=”No. 8.  January 2017″]


[media-downloader media_id=”3124″ texts=”No. 9.  May 2017″]


[media-downloader media_id=”3264″ texts=”No. 10.  February 2018″]


Note that these are PDF files, so you will normally need Adobe Reader to read them.  You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.  Use the + and – keys at the top of the Adobe Reader screen to get the pages to the best size for reading.